Do You Own An Unwanted Residential Property in Redding That You Want To Get Rid Of, But Don’t Know How To Make Progress? Well, We Can Provide You With A Decent Price On Your Property. Know About Our Process in Detail

We at Mendes Group LLC are expert at buying unwanted and uncared-for properties that you want to get rid of as early as possible. You might be afraid of the possible foreclosure or the mortgage issue with the property is giving you stress. No matter whether your property has few or many defects, we are willing to offer you a nice deal.

You might be speculating about our interest in acquiring unwanted properties. Actually, we possess extensive experience in acquiring dilapidated properties at discounted prices from private sellers like you. Thereafter, we bring the acquired properties in good shape and eventually sell them at increased prices. Thus, you get rid of the unwanted property and we also earn some profit. It creates a win-win situation all around.

Why Should You Team Up With Us To Sell Your Redding Property?

If you sell your house in Redding to us, we can offer you a decent deal. Here are some other benefits of teaming up with us to sell your house:

  • We purchase your property regardless of its type or condition
  • We help you avoid a stressful situation like an imminent foreclosure
  • We save you the effort of repairing your property before selling it as we do it later on
  • You get paid quickly as we can close the deal even in a week if you want
  • You receive the complete payment in cash; no unnecessary delays
  • You won’t need to sign a contract that binds you with a realtor for a fixed duration
  • You’re not required to undergo the stress of finding a trustworthy agent and closing the deal with him

Mendes Group LLC, being an established real estate investment company, offers you high flexibility, honest dealings, and mental peace, in your property dealings. If you still have any reservations or queries about the sale of your residential property to us, you may call us at 203 930 8500. We will try our best to clarify your doubts.

If you want an instant quote on your Redding property, please provide us with the basic information about your property by filling the form below. We will respond to you within 24 hours.